Stateless Dignity Project

What We Do

Our organization

The Stateless Dignity Project is a young organization, founded in April 2018 by international human rights/humanitarian lawyer and freelance journalist Ashley S. Kinseth.  With a team of four board members/volunteers, we work tirelessly to advance the mission of Stateless Dignity, and with the aim of one day developing a robust roster of programs, each focused on providing direct legal and advocacy assistance to identified stateless groups around the world. 

Our work

Stateless Dignity works first and foremost to advocate for and advance the rights and human dignity of stateless persons and families around the globe.  As its first full-fledged Program, Stateless Dignity devotes a large share of its resources to one of the most persecuted groups on Earth today: the Rohingya population, whose ancestral lands lie in Myanmar's Northern Rakhine State, but nearly one million of whom now live as refugees in the camps of Bangladesh.  

At the same time, Stateless Dignity also keeps its finger on the pulse of other statelessness and related issues across the globe, with blog, news, and photography content more broadly devoted to advancing the causes of all stateless populations.


“In a sea of human beings, it is difficult, at times even impossible, to see the human as being.” 

- Aysha Taryam, author of the Opposite of indifference



Coming Soon

Stateless Dignity is still working to launch its blog/news feature, which will appear here.  Please check back soon for updates!  

In the meantime, we welcome submissions for possible publication.  If you are interested in contributing, we'd love to hear from you and, hopefully, feature or link to your work in our blog.  For more info, please see our Volunteer page.


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