Speaking at the LA Myanmar Genocide Convention

On September 22, 2018, I was invited to speak at the Burmese American Muslim Association’s (BAMA) Los Angeles Convention on the Ongoing Genocide in Myanmar 2018. Although I spoke alongside a group of leading, highly experienced advocates and scholars, I was immediately I was struck by the overwhelming warmth of the room—where everyone was so equally and quickly cordial to this nervous woman in her suit, running slightly late, who had no idea where to go!

But I soon found my seat, and then had the great fortune of watching the entire enlightening program. I highly recommend you do the same by visiting BAMA’s Facebook or YouTube pages. You may also view my segment below. In it, I focus on the matter of proving Myanmar’s genocidal intent under international law: often the most difficult element to prove, thus making it among the most critical in advocating for government and/or UN action.


It is worth noting that this speech was made just under a month after a UN Fact-Finding Mission at last released a major Report that recognized not only the ongoing Rohingya genocide as such, but specifically, the ample evidence of Myanmar’s genocidal intent against the Rohingya population. Just one day earlier—on Sept. 21, 2018—Canada also became the first major nation to unanimously adopt the UN Mission’s findings, agreeing on the matter of genocidal intent.

Canada has thus taken the moral lead on this issue: it is now time for other world governments—and especially permanent members UN Security Council—to follow suit.