Our Mission

An empty boat on the riverways of seemingly-peaceful Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, just days before the Rohingya Crisis erupted there.  Photo by Ashley S. Kinseth.

An empty boat on the riverways of seemingly-peaceful Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, just days before the Rohingya Crisis erupted there. Photo by Ashley S. Kinseth.

Mission statement

The Stateless Dignity Project advocates for the safety and dignity of stateless individuals and families worldwide, including through public advocacy, direct assistance, and asylum support. Our organization strives above all to support stateless people in accessing basic services tied to fundamental human rights—like access to education, healthcare, and livelihoods—as well as to find safe, welcoming homes for refugees and displaced persons suffering as a result of their lack of citizenship.  

As a young organization founded in April 2018, we currently have one primary focus area: the Rohingya Program, which focuses on the needs of well over two million refugees around the world—nearly one million of whom currently reside in refugee camps in Bangladesh—as well as for displaced and other Rohingya still living in Myanmar. 

How we work

Stateless Dignity adopts a three-pronged approach to advancing the wellbeing of stateless people:

  1. Media-based Advocacy and Journalism. As a threshold and always-ongoing strategy, SDP utilizes various social media and other web-based platforms (including In the meantime, we also welcome submissions for possible publication here. If you are interested in contributing, we'd love to hear from you and, hopefully, feature or link to your work here and/or on our various social media accounts (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) to advocate for the rights of stateless groups, both those for whom we currently have ongoing programs (most notably, the Rohingya) and others. To the extent possible, we also aim to publish articles in international media outlets decrying abuses against stateless groups and urging the international community to commit time and resources to their needs.

  2. Direct Assistance. SDP is in the process of developing a number of initiatives aimed at helping stateless people who would not otherwise have access to many of the basic services and fundamental rights that citizens enjoy. From education to healthcare, and from viable livelihoods to freedom of movement, we work with local partners to provide direct support to the most vulnerable stateless individuals and refugees, including through initiatives like education programs and scholarships; funding much-needed healthcare; implementing and identifying applications for livelihood skills training; and working with regional, national, and international authorities to facilitate freedom of movement.

  3. Asylum Support. In the long run, SDP aims to support those persons and families seeking to relocate to safe, welcoming asylum nations. We plan to help these stateless people to make the journey safely, affordably, and legally to those nations that are willing to host them, and where they will be able to pursue their own dreams. Be it for their own work or education, for that of their children, or, at the most fundamental level, for the simple enjoyment of being treated with basic human dignity: it is only once the challenge of mere survival is overcome that life's other joys, challenges, and rewards can be pursued.